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Switching to Lightning

Salesforce Lightning offers a wide range of features that are readily available, and with each passing hour, more and more features are being added for you to take advantage of. The switch from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning needs considerable amount of development that mandates the involvement of experienced and knowledgeable Salesforce Lightning consultants for a smooth and successful outcome.

Why us

Amogus is one of the first few companies who have been "Lightning accredited" by Salesforce.

Our Lightning consultant's team comprises of "Lightning Experience Rollout Specialists" along with personnel with extensive industry expertise who ensure that all your migration needs are addressed properly. We follow a meticulously designed Lightning migration methodology, which ensures a seamless switch to the Salesforce Lightning Platform.

Our Area of Expertise

Expert Partnership

At Amogus, every client is considered as a partner. We establish a synergetic relationship with our clients that enable us to build and deliver the best of services.

We at Amogus believe in collaborative efforts. Our dynamic CRM teams have associated with the blue chips over the years, and consistently enhanced the win-win approach.

Let our collective wisdom and adept craftsmanship make you win at every level.

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